Contemplative writing


We Have A Need To Give:

I AM a lover of sounds, an artist, student,  teacher, seeker of interconnection, and undoubtedly a slave to my own integrity.

In my life, I've become a musician by both fate and default. My dream to share the music that defines my life perspective is and was realistically “by default”.

As a teacher of guitar and music, I try my best to tune into the way that my students individually learn. Luckily, I give One on One lessons...... Because the learning method of each individual student varies tremendously. Despite teaching the same basic principle, music theory, and intuitive feel- The way that I teach those things are determined by MY ability to read into how it is that the student is processing information, and also what it is that inspires them to be present... Taking that approach is to me an act of compassion for another human being, and for myself. In striving to meet somebody where they are with the intent of all involved to grow- is to me, an act of compassion. When you truly put your own perspective aside with the intent to connect it builds trust in a relationship. That trust opens a door for communication- which is key to understanding and a means for resolution.

As a child I’ve always loved and felt music, I gravitated towards it. it was my Call Of Duty, my video game, my entertainment, my connection to the parts of myself that I didn’t consciously understand.

Often times in life we consider people to be a "product of their experiences".  I have a bitter acceptance for the concept. I acknowledge the potential detriment of a person being raised under harsh conditions, But I also believe that harsh conditions can accelerate your growth if you meet them with compassion. The difference in one feeling victimized or feeling liberated, is the perception they have of their experience. How do we clearly perceive our own personal experience so that we are open to see the growth opportunity that is behind the scene?

The environment that I was born and raised in, The choices that were made around me (that has a direct effect on my Mental wiring)- and in turn the choices that I make for myself (that is creating the life before me). All of my wonderful friends, family, teachers, RELATIONSHIPS. All of the love that my people have GIVEN ME FREELY have in fact made me who I am, I believe.  And all of the pain, heartache,  self-doubt, and my own personal struggles have also made me who I am, I believe. 

The spark that possesses us, the presence (pre - sense) that possesses us, is our common natural bond with everyone. Within it -we are all of the same force (let the star wars jokes flood in!) . Within THAT force of awareness lies our self discipline and ability to respond based on experience, 

Within it lies THE POWER!!!!

It takes our own unique learning curve and all of our awareness to know who we truly are in any given moment- and to choose the reality that best represents our inner virtue.

I’ve now come to understand that the gifts that were given to me, were given to me out of necessity. THEY had a need to be shared! THEY had a need to be shared by the person that felt them. The knowledge of compassion, love, and harmony has a need to be payed forth. It has a pulse, It's Alive!


NOW I finally know that music WAS NOT just a language or a feeling that I loved. Music was a gift! a gift to me and all else who opens their heart to receive it.  It was a never ending way to seek my self further and unveil  what I had long forgotten or never knew existed in the first place.


Somebody once told me that music helps people to heal. for some it helps to forget, for some it helps to remember, BUT for ALL.......... it is medicine. "That" - I do believe.  And when we give, we should give so freely …..that the receiver is left to question.                       

In our own personal questions, we find our own personal answers. In any offering, we are offering the opportunity to come together- we are offering an opportunity for our selves to come together again.


We are carrying each other and we have a need to return the gifts that the world gave to us!

I hope that you will because....... we need you