Born and raised in the bay area of Delaware- Kyle Offidani is a Musician and Songcatcher . Musically- Kyle draws inspiration from World music,  Instrumental guitar, Roots, Blues, Soul, and Americana music. When listening to the sounds of Kyle, you will hear echoes of these genres Woven into the tapestry of his songs. Kyle writes with a strong notion of genuinity and vulnerability - believing that openly expressing one's own truth, opens a paradoxical gateway for somebody else to find and express their own.
Since 2009 Kyle has toured nationally to share the music that defines his life . His passion for music, travel, and life experiences have paved the way to play acclaimed festivals and venues throughout the United States. In recent years, Kyle planted roots in Nashville, T.N  and in more recent years Austin, T.X where he soaked up the inspiration and perspective needed to create his upcoming L.P, which is expected to be released into 2018

             Full Bio:

    Born and raised in the bay area of Delaware, Kyle Offidani is a songwriter who crafts music that explores the middle ground between dreams and reality. in 2009 Kyle began touring the United states going from state to state to share the music that defines his life. In 2010 Kyle planted roots in Nashville, T.N to soak up the wealth of musical knowledge that resides in the city, and record his first instrumental finger style guitar E.P entitled "Always Home". Spending 2 years living in Nashville and being surrounded by songwriters influenced Kyle to mesh lyrical content with his unique guitar playing style, which lends to Kyle's unique sound.

    During a tour In the Summer of 2012 Kyle decided to pant roots in Austin, T.X where he continued to play music in and around the city. It was there that he recorded his second E.P "Secrets Of The Road" that was tracked live in the heart of Austin, T.X in Dec. of 2013. 

    In mid 2015 Kyle recorded His 3rd E.P "No Bridge Left To Burn" Live on a Tascam 4 track Cassette recorder in his bedroom in Austin, T.X. 

    Throughout the years Kyle has played shows at some of the country's most acclaimed venues, and opened for some of his personal musical inspirations including David Grier, Nokie Edwards (of the Ventures) John Knowles, and Richard Smith, and had opportunities to play for festival crowds at Philadelphia Folk Festival, Utopia Fest in 2010, and 2011... along with many others.


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